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What's Included?
  • A weekly instructional video from Dr. Tabatha on how to affect effectively use intermittent fasting as a tool to becoming a fat burner. ($800 value)
  • Direct access to Dr. Tabatha with weekly one hour live Q&A sessions, that are recorded for watching later. ($2,000 value)
  • Learn how to affect change in each of the 7 windows of wellness- diet, sleep, gut health, movement, toxic burden, hormone balance, and stress management. (Priceless)
  • Delicious recipes tailored to the program, to optimize your fat burning and energy production. ($30)
  • Inspirational workbook that walks you through the program each week. ($20)
  • ​BONUS: A Sisterhood of women to stay connected with after the 8 weeks (Priceless)

Your Investment Is Guaranteed!

My promise to you- you will never be more supported than our 8 weeks together! If you put in the effort and don't get the results you're looking for, I'll refund you your investment. see agreement.

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"I was struggling with brain fog and couldn't get rid of my belly, no matter how hard I worked out. Everything that used to work for me no longer was. As soon as I started Dr. Tabatha's program, the weight finally started coming off and I could finish a task without forgetting what I was doing! I'm so thankful I did it!"

- Kate W.
"I never thought this weight would budge, but I am finding that I feel better when I am fasting and don't really want to eat. Yesterday without effort I fasted about 22 hours and was able to go for an hour long bike ride, mow the lawn, edge the driveway, and prepare an amazing meal for company. "

- Deb B.
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